“Voice of the People” is R.two’s debut mixtape which will be released on November 13, 2010. This mixtape will showcase R.two’s microphone swag as well as his writing skills. “I’ve been in the game for a minute now, so it’s about time that I release my own mixtape.” says R2. The V.O.P. mixtape has ten tracks which features all of the Toxic Slime Clique artists, Kris Blade, Dela Dope, Cliche and Audacious. Prior to the release of the V.O.P. mixtape, R.two aka R-Double is going to release two promo/music videos, “Move Further” (October 26) and “Fist Up”. Follow R.two on his mixtape journey as he breaks rap boundaries and swag surfs the hip hop game.

Add him on Twitter @BaliSword
Get a free download code for V.O.P. at “The Dopeness” show on November 12


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