The Dopeness Show Reel

The Toxic Slime team is proud to present this film documenting the “Dopeness Show” that occurred on November 12, 2010. The venue, Artistic Space Studios, was transformed into a haven for all the hip-hop aficionados of Richmond, BC. First, Dela Dope a member of the Toxic Slime Clique started off the show with his new school sneaker head bravado. Next, Gentleman’s Vibe made up by Justin and Neal filled the room with their incredibly attractive stories of teenage angst. Then, No Regrets’ Cliché and Audacious provided one of the most entertaining sets of the evening. However, the headliners, Toxic Slime, definitely stole the show. R. Two and Kris Blade put on the performance of the night performing like veterans. The atmosphere created by the crowd was electric, and has set a precedent to what’s to come for Toxic Slime. Below is a personal quote from R. Two himself – enjoy the reel.

"Tonight’s crowd was easily one of the best I've ever performed for .The supporting cast was amazing. It feels like home court advantage whenever we perform in Richmond. It's definitely a city with tons of talent." - R.Two

Thank you to everyone who came to the “Dopeness” as well as the people who were involved in making the show successful. Support us by subscribing to our Facebook fan page (Click Here), or by subscribing to our Youtube channel (Click Here)


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