Move Further

“Move Further” is the sixth and final installment of the Voice of The People Daily Leak Series. The song was inspired by R. Two’s migration experience into Canada as a adolescent, and how his move from the Philippines has effected his present view on his mother country. Many of you may not be aware of this but R. Two is quite involved within the Filipino-Canadian Youth Alliance (Ugnayan). In giving back to his community, he has been able to read literature, not available most public libraries, which have helped him understand his migration to Canada, especially his research on forced migration. It’s been a fun week. The toxic slime team is thankful for all the support this week. We urge you to continue to check back on a daily basis we will be updating our site frequently from here on out. The official release of R. Two’s Voice of The People November 13th, and be on the look out for Kris Blade’s Mixtape Mondays.

Download: R. Two - Move Further (the Daily Leak Series is now closed - Download the Mixtape here)

Video: Watch the video for Move Further (Click Here)


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