Last Thursday, Toxic Slime performed at The Cobalt for Conscience's album release party. This video shows R.Two, Kris Blade and DJ Side B rehearsing prior to the show.

The show was hosted by Khingz (Seattle MC) and put together by Conscience and their street team. Toxic Slime would like to congratulate Bri for knowing the "Secret Toxic Word", she won a Toxic Slime t-shirt courtesy of Dope Product Clothing. We also gave-out another Dope Product t-shirt to one of the audience. For those of you who couldn't make it, this is a reminder that you should come to the next Toxic Slime performance. You can't go wrong with dope entertainment and free swag.

Much love to everyone who came to the show and we hope to see you guys again on the next one. Keep watching Toxic Tuesdays and stay tuned for more prizes.


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