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As most of you know, Toxic Slime has been working on their album (Dope Product), set to be released this year. We are pleased to present you "Look at me Now”, a free song download to give you a little preview of the album. This track is actually a “remix” of the original song.

You might be wondering, “What do you mean it’s a remix of the original song?” R.Two explains, “We were not able to purchase this beat in time so we had to replace this song with a different beat. The “Look at me Now” version in the album has the same instruments/feel but has a slightly up-beat tempo. The new version is also produced by the same guy (Diamond Style Productions).”

Life is a continually changing process. We all have to adapt to our environment and learn from previous mistakes. These changes and experiences help us become who we are today. It shapes the way we live, our habits, how we feel towards things as well as our physical appearance. Through years of experience, we become better at certain things, while mistakes remind us of what we don’t know yet. It’s important to “look back” and know who you were and where you came from; however, “Look at me Now” is a song about celebrating how far you’ve come along, as well as how happy you are now. So when you get a chance, take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and smile; this is who you are!

Enjoy this song!... “So Good” music video coming soon

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