Fist Up

Fist Up is the second track off R. Two's soon-to-be-released project "Voice of the People" daily leaks. The video for this song was shot to day, and it's only fitting that it's the next one in the series. The cut was inspired by R. Two's sentiments about the way media affects our lives. He feels that some mainstream media outlets helps to promote blatant lies, which in turn poisons its audience with wrongful information. R. Two invites you to take a moment from your day and search "fox news lies" on YouTube to see the what king of results you get. They are shocking and disturbing to say the least. Fist Up communicates the need for listeners to engage in meaningful conversations and to demand better news sources, which will report stories with an honest approach. On a last note, we would like to take this time to thank everyone who supported the making of Fist Up's video today. The video will be posted in the near future.

Download: R. Two - Fist Up (This link has expired click here for the next leak)


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