P.I. feat Kris Blade

The third leak in the daily leak series, which will also make an appearance on Kris Blade's "I Had to Do It" is none other than P.I. both Toxic Slime team members. Given the ethnic background of both Kris Blade and R. Two that make up Toxic Slime, a tribute to their mother country the Philippines was long-overdue. The track was inspired by their undivided love of their homeland. They hope that P.I. will reach out and grab the hearts of the millions of Filipinos spread out across the globe. P.I. is an acronym for Philippine Islands. There are 7,107 islands that compose the beautiful country. Its culture is rich and vibrant to the point that all of its citizens carry with them a part of the country no matter where they are in the world. In addition, we would like to take the time to formerly introduce a new series from Kris Blade titled "Mixtape Mondays." Kris will be releasing a new track every Monday exclusively through toxicslime.com

Our team is constantly innovating to build a relationship with all our supporters. We want to give you as much music as we can because nothing is above the Toxic Slime fans and community.

Download: R. two feat Kris Blade - P.I. (This link has expired click here for the next leak)


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